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VIEWPOINT: Hate Illinois? You can always move

A new day, and a new reason for some people to hate Illinois. Hating the state you live in is a pretty strange phenomenon, but a popular one in Illinois. In fact, I think of it more as a self-hate, honestly. People whine and moan and complain about Illinois loudly and often. And these are people who were born here and have lived here their entire lives.

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Mike Rowe donates to local organization

When many people hear the name Mike Rowe they might first think of the celebrity’s hit television show Dirty Jobs, where he travels across the country and demonstrates the most disgusting jobs people do for a living.

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Ogle County Queen court holding 4K event

Fundraiser being held at the fairgrounds on July 20.

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Big Boy train to stop in Rochelle

Rail fans both locally and across the country are excited as the Union Pacific celebrates the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad with a cross-country tour for one of its original steam engines.

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County Farm Bureau hosting driving course July 23 and 24

The Ogle County Farm Bureau will be hosting a Defensive Driving Course on July 23 and 24.

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Volunteers needed for spruce up

City of Rochelle staff is continuing with its downtown beautification project by planting islands in the parking lot located off Main Street

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New rules are intended to prevent water-borne bacteria like Legionella

Some people in Illinois may soon notice the water coming out of their taps tastes different. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is on the verge of adopting new regulations that would more than double the minimum amount of chlorine required in public water supplies, a move intended to prevent the outbreak of water-borne illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease.

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Emergency planning priority

Recent strong earthquakes in California are prompting calls for earthquake awareness from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), which is also focusing this month on young people learning how to prepare for all emergency situations.

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Debate right or wrong, not good or bad

Their skin is brown; mine’s white. They embrace socialism; I love capitalism. Their parents were born elsewhere; mine were born in Illinois. They live in big cities; I was reared on a farm. I have little in common with the four members of Congress Donald Trump lashed out at this week. But let’s be clear — it’s wrong to question these women’s patriotism as our president did. He said, “If they want to leave, they can leave. They hate our country. They hate it, I think, with a passion.”

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Zurko leaving elementary school district

Rochelle School District 231 will see two administrative changes when the district and its board prepare for the 2019-20 school year. The changes were approved by the board during its monthly meeting at Rochelle Middle School on Tuesday.

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