RTHS Class of 2022 awarded scholarships

Recipients of local scholarships at RTHS Honors Night included: Front row: Josue Huerta, Michelle OCampo, Yoana Fulgencio, Taylor Ponto, Carly Summers, Luciana Monroy, Schuyler Podlski, Julia Berry, Riley Flanagan, Margaux Da Costa. Middle row: Miguel Cruz, Jonathan Hansen, Alex Gilbert, Ella McKinney, Cecilia Vargas, Madison Ost, Cinthia Pacheco, Marlen Hueramo, Ashley Knight, Jordin Dickey, and Josie Lundquist. Back row: Logan Popp, Jack Richolson, Peter Fosberg, Bryce Whitehead, Ryan Simmons, Luke Orlikowski, Devansh Patel and Abby Luxton.

ROCHELLE — Rochelle Township High School Honors Night recognizes students for academic achievement. On May 2, more than $155,000 in local scholarships were presented to members of the RTHS Class of 2022. More than $2.24 million in institutional awards were presented.

Individual scholarship recipients included: Class of 1964: Jack Richolson. Class of 1953: Peter Forsberg. Sandra Colwill Memorial: Josie Lundquist. Dr. C. E. Motlong Memorial: Carly Summers. Pearl Motlong Memorial: Julia Berry. William Parsons Memorial: Riley Flanagan. Marguerite Thomas Scholarship: Abby Luxton. Willard Gieske Memorial: Jaela Ludwick. Virginia Ravnaas Memorial: Margaux DaCosta. Richards Family/Math-Science: Miguel Cruz. Richards Family/ Vocational: Logan Popp. Richards Family/ Vocational: Josue Huerta. Christopher Heisner Memorial: Jonathan Hansen. Tom Carmichael Memorial: Devansh Patel. Ward and Mabel Miller Memorial: Ashley Knight. Ward and Mabel Miller Memorial: Taylor Ponto. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Klewin: Marlen Hueramo. Diane McBride Memorial: Yoana Fulgencio. Keith Wehner Memorial: Jordin Dickey. Michael and David Weatherbee Memorial: Michelle Ocampo. Steve Tobler Memorial: Taylor Ponto, Schuyler Podolski, Ryan Simmons and Madison Ost. Rochelle Alumni Association General Scholarships: Alex Gilbert, Luciana Monroy, Luke Orlikowski, Cinthia Pacheco, Taylor Ponto and Cecilia Vargas. Leonard Carmichael Community Service: Ella McKinney. Kishwaukee College Academic Achievement Scholars: Carly Summers and Madison Ost. Rochelle Township High School Education Association: Marlen Hueramo. Tyler Smith Memorial: Lauren Jackson and Ethan Wells. Curtis Clegg Memorial: Cinthia Pacheco. John Havens Rochelle Kiwanis: Marlen Hueramo. Kishwaukee Dual Credit Scholars: Julia Berry, Madison Ost, Rylen Ramos and Carly Summers. Golden K:  Julia Berry, Riley Flanagan, Madison Ost and Devansh Patel. Charles Engel Rochelle Rotary: Zoey Tabor. Ed Fenwick Memorial:  Luis Nambo and Lizbeth Milan. Rochelle Lions Club: Emily Garcia and Sierra Ramos. Olivia Heitter Memorial: Devansh Patel and Cecilia Vargas. Rochelle Hospital Auxiliary: Josie Lundquist, Madison Ost and Schuyler Podolski. Rochelle Junior Tackle: Josh Lloyd and Megan Thompson. Constellation Corporation-Byron Station:  Jason Zheng. Rochelle Masonic Lodge:  Emily Garcia and Leslie Rodriguez. Rock River Chapter of Il Society of Professional Engineers: Ryan Simmons. Class of 1972:  Max Orlikowski. Richard Barth Memorial: Zach Sanford and Lucy Bunger. George and Shirley Smardo Memorial: Sergio Guevara, Sylvia Hasz and MeLisa Young. Northern Illinois Rehab: Madison Ost. Eloy V. Gehring Memorial: Jaela Ludwick. ELLOS: Luis Nambo. BPAC: Marlen Hueramo. Central Bank: Marlen Hueramo, Josie Lundquist, Michelle Ocampo and Cecilia Vargas. First State Bank: Lauren Jackson. Resource Bank: Riley Flanagan and Madison Ost. Rochelle Chamber of Commerce: Zoey Tabor and Lalia Milan. Rochelle News-Leader Scholar Athlete: Zoey Tabor and Devansh Patel. Rochelle Athletic Booster Club: Josie Lundquist, Madison Ost, Devansh Patel and Ryan Simmons. Todd Smith Memorial (Athletic Booster Club): Zoey Tabor. VFW Post 3878: Zoey Tabor and Schuyler Podolski. Auxiliary to the VFW: Leslie Rodriguez and Zoey Tabor. William E. Eickman Memorial: Ella McKinney. Debby Van Dyke Memorial: Riley Flanagan. RTHS Agriculture Foundation: Jack Richolson. Rochelle Wrestling Club: Anayancy Lara. Rock River Valley Blood Bank: Cecilia Vargas and Ella McKinney.

Students earning institutional scholarships included: Lucy Bunger, Nate Burdin, Andrew Buskohl, Johany Cervantes, Miguel Cruz, Riley Flanagan, Peter Forsberg, Alyssa Grant, Sergio Guevara, Jonathan Hansen, Sylvia Hasz, Marlen Hueramo, Lauren Jackson, Kayden Kannheiser, Adam Kemp, Ashley Knight, Tanner Lager, Joshua Lloyd, Faith Lohse, Jaela Ludwick, Josephine Lundquist, Abigail Luxton, Ella McKinney, Grant Messer, Luciana Monroy, Luis Nambo, Luke Orlikowski, Max Orlikowski, Devansh Patel, Schuyler Podolski, Taylor Ponto, Sierra Ramos, Jack Richolson, Zach Sanford, Ryan Simmons, Hayden Smith, Ella Seebach, Carly Summers, Ethan Wells, Bryce Whitehead, MeLisa Young and Jason Zheng.