New show at Faux Pas Gallery

ROCHELLE — Faux Pas Gallery, located in downtown Rochelle, will host its first dual solo artist show from Saturday, June 9 through Saturday, July 14.
Two Faux Pas Gallery show veterans will use the venue as a blank canvas to set the stage with their unique brand of tasteful and tasteless art.
Cecilia Ivy Price will be taking over the main floor with “Dark Delights,” a gothic inspired showcase full of classy art and adult intrigue.
Price’s works range from paintings and drawings to sculpture and graphic art to Gothberry Treats, a cupcake and dessert themed series, all described by her as elegant with a touch of macabre.
The lower level will feature Chicago artist and musician George John “Lardo” Larson, whose works are as hilariously inappropriate as they are self-therapeutic.
Dare to be entertained by the art, music, debauchery, and stories behind his inspiration for each piece from the man that describes himself as an artist that never intended on becoming an artist.
An opening reception will be held on Saturday, June 9 from 6 to 9 p.m. with a live musical performance by Lardo at 7 p.m. that you’ll not want to miss.
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