Local students get glimpse of possible careers

ROCHELLE — Rochelle elementary students got a glimpse into some potential career paths Thursday morning.

Guest speakers paid a visit to Central, Tilton, May and Lincoln Schools as part of Career Day to introduce students to a variety of fields available to them. The volunteer speakers shared their experiences to students in the third, fourth and fifth grades in an effort to encourage and motivate them to pursue a career they are passionate about.
The idea for the event originated as a way for students to see role models aside from the individuals they are used to interacting with on a regular basis.
Sharon Hawkins with Rochelle Municipal Utilities wowed students in Mrs. Flowers’ fourth grade classroom as she demonstrated a chemical reaction in glass tubes filled with water. After adding a drop of a substance, the tubes instantly went from cold to warm.
Hawkins also explained her daily job consisted of ensuring safe drinking water for the community as well as working on the wastewater side, which generated curious questions.
“I work with samples and test the wastewater that gets treated, and I wear gloves all day,” Hawkins said. “It’s a cool part of science.”
As Desiree Heniff escorted Copper into Ms. Brown’s fifth grade class, smiling students took turns petting the dog.
In Ms. Brown’s fifth grade class, Heniff explained what a typical day as a veterinary technician is all about. Heniff brought her dog, Copper, into the class filled with wide-eyed and smiling students eager to meet the dog.
“I work with many types of animals,” Heniff, Rochelle Veterinary Clinic technician, said. “Think of my job as a nurse for animals. I also do preventive care such as routine vaccines and flea and tick prevention.”


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