Letter: A thank you for my birthday celebration

Rochelle Tres Dias group is known for bringing good news to the community as part of their ministry. But this is the first time Tres Dias reunion attempted to add joy to a young man turning 80 in a wonderful way. 

They descended upon Squires Landing where the Prabhakars live, in four or five cars full of eager participants with toilet paper and they decorated the yard with exotic modern designs using simple toilet paper! 

They also serenaded the birthday king John Prabhakar with a song composed specially for the occasion. The birthday celebration continued inside the home with prayer and refreshments.

The biggest surprise came when the new Rochelle News-Leader editor Jeff Helfrich walked in to take photos of the damage and the TP’d couple in their home. 

When the editor asked the couple, “How do you feel?” they both replied, "We feel blessed to live in Rochelle, the land of the free, brave and kind"

John Prabhakar, Rochelle


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