Kishwaukee College announces fall 2022 dean’s list

Local students were recently named to the fall 2022 dean's list at Kishwaukee College.

MALTA — The Office of Student Services at Kishwaukee College has announced the students named to the fall 2022 dean’s list. To be eligible for dean’s list honors, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours (at the 100/200 level) during an academic term at Kishwaukee College with a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

The following local Kishwaukee College students have been named to the official fall 2022 dean’s list:

Ashton — Ireland Bradfield and Carrie Powers.

Chana — Forrest Gerber, Madison Hawkins, Kiley Higby and Andrew Prescod.

Creston — Keegan Kaspar and Ariel Zuercher.

Esmond — Carly Summers.

Kings — Sara Sanderson. 

Rochelle — Jesus Aguilera, Kendal Ansteth, Chelsie Baker, Julia Berry, Kyleigh Boehle, Devlen Buh, Garrett Burdin, Nadia Castillo, Johany Cervantes, Hunter Dalen, Trevor Goodwin, Cooper Hasz, Jaderi Ibarra, Ellie Kinn, John Knapp, Aubry Liezert, Jaime Martinez, Luciana Monroy, Noah Norris, Madison Ost, Maddex Ramos, Ashley Reuter, Leslie Rodriguez-Nambo, Angel Salas-Duran, Aiden Seldal and Samuel Villalobos-Nazario.