Celebrating Norm Skare

Pictured above is Julie Hanson, grand-niece of Norm Skare, with a portrait.

ROCHELLE – The Flagg Township Museum held an event at Skare Park last weekend to celebrate Norm Skare’s birthday month as well as recognize all that he did for the community during his lifetime.

The event took place on Sunday, July 26 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the homestead museum located at Skare Park in Rochelle. The event included cake and ice cream, a short program on the history of Norm Skare and the park, as well the museum donating a handmade bat house to the park district.

“It was very hot out that day but we were very pleasantly surprised with the turnout from the community,” Flagg Township museum director Jan Devore said. “Between 15 to 20 people showed up including Julie Hanson, who is the grandniece of Skare himself. She also brought along her scrapbook with many unseen pictures of the original farm and that was very cool to see.”

Skare lived in Rochelle from July 22, 1904 until he passed away on April 22, 1988 and was very influential during his time in the community. Skare owned land and would let all the local kids come onto it to play in the creek or run around the timber. 

He was also known for producing fresh honey and cider as well was conserving the natural beauty of the land. In July of 1972, Skare donated a portion of his land to the Rochelle park district which is now known as Skare Park. 

“He donated 38 acres of land joining the park district property,” Devore said. “What that did was save the land from being sold and developed into housing or businesses.” 

The museum is very happy to host events for the community once again and is planning a preview of the museum’s history trunks event on Sunday, Aug.2 and Aug. 30 at the museum. The museum is also recognizing the 19th amendment on Aug. 16 with a new exhibit on display and is encouraging community members to attend.

“The 19th amendment exhibit will be up before Aug. 16, but we are having a reception with refreshments on that day,” Devore said. “We also spoke to the Daughters of the American Revolution and it is hoping to interest its members to attend the event at suffragettes taking to the streets.” 


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